Ultrasonic Scaler

Chances are you may already be familiar with ultrasonic scalers — or at least, your teeth are. They are the tools of choice for many dentists and dental hygienists. Why? Because they're so good at removing the buildup of stains, dental plaque and calculus (also called tartar) from the crown (above the gum) and root (below the gum) surfaces of the teeth. The removal of plaque and calculus helps eliminate harmful bacteria. Cleaning with an ultrasonic scaler (sometimes called “root debridement”) is a primary means for preventing gum disease.

Who Can Benefit from Ultrasonic Scaling?
Generally speaking, anyone who needs a deep cleaning of the teeth, both above and below the gum line, can benefit from ultrasonic scaling. This treatment is especially important as a preventive measure for people who may be prone to periodontal (gum) disease. In many instances, ultrasonic scalers are used in combination with traditional hand scalers for a thorough cleaning.
If you have titanium implants, composite or porcelain restorations, or areas of demineralization on your teeth, be sure to let us know before your treatment. There may be special tips that are suitable for use in these circumstances. Also, individuals with cardiac pacemakers, hypersensitive teeth, or pregnant should always alert us beforehand so precautions can be taken.
In terms of effectiveness, safety and patient comfort, ultrasonic scaling remains one of the best methods of non-surgical periodontal therapy.

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